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Nu Clear Preloved
Clothing & Accessories

Good things can happen
more than once.

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Walking by a Vintage Store
Two Women in Underwear

Ethically Does It

Nu Clear Preloved was born from my re-kindled post-baby love of fashion and my passion for eco-friendly business. I source clothing via donations, consignment and thrifting to bring clothes back into the cycle and avoid fast-fashion waste.

For Every Body

As an ex model and professional dancer, preloved clothing helped me find a love for and confidence in my body like I've never known.

If you aren't already part of it, I strongly suggest following some of the preloved community on Instagram. The warmth and generosity of spirit I've encountered in this beautiful online space is truly special and I try my utmost to pass it on through my own account.

Who knew I would love my body more post-baby in my mid-thirties than I did at 21 modelling across the world!

Make It Last

Because I care more about my planet than I do about impressing others, I accept both high and low end brands but I have separated them into tiers to show the level of quality (and hopefully longevity) of items, as I want you to consciously make choices to wear the s*** out of your clothes.

I also note where I've fixed or cleaned up items of clothing to give them a new lease of life!

Give Back

10% of EVERY SALE goes to charity or a good cause, whether I am selling donations or consignment items.

It was my passion to make this positive step for me have a wider impact on others and this is why I choose to give away a percentage of my dedicated work and your loving contributions.

Check the Charity of the month on Instagram.

A Pile of Sweaters

Does your wardrobe need a clear out?

Click below to find out about donation and consignment services as well as how I personally donate 10% of EVERY SALE (not just profit) to charity.

"[Your instagram live sale] was so fun last night. I was working along with watching...Might make it a regular Friday thing!"
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