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Donations & Consignments

Let's make space in your wardrobe now!

Hi, if you haven't already met me, I am Joanna, an online second-hand clothes seller who is passionate about slowing down the fashion industry by creating a circular approach to affordable fashion.

My focus is saving unwanted clothes to be re-loved by a new owner as well as getting clothes to a better place for repurposing and mending.

I am a huge charity supporter and 10% of every sale goes to charity.

I am sent items or collect them locally through thrifting, donations or consignments.


Clothes are shared across a variety of platforms though most are snapped up quickly on my Instagram page which has over 3.5k followers.



•Items should be in good usable condition. Items with stains, holes or flaws may be donated but will not count towards any credit total.

•Items can be suited to any season

•You receive £1 credit per item donated (50p for childrenwear or menswear items). This can be used towards future purchases with me.


•10% of the sale price is donated to charity.

•Postage is covered by myself. You will simply need to know the weight of your bag and have access to a printer. (Alternatively, you can order a donation pack with label and parcel bag). I also collect within Andover, Hampshire/Bermondsey, London.

•Donations can be sent year-round so they offer an instant clear-out option.

•Donations keep my small business running and mean I can pass affordability on to buyers with lower budgets.

•No set maximum item limit but please do check regarding availability if you are sending over 30 items.


•Items should be in immaculate condition.

NO stains or flaws.

•Items should be suitable to wear during the following 90 day UK season/s.

•You receive 50% of the sale price, which I pay at the beginning of each month.


•10% of the sale price is donated to charity .

•You cover postage to me and I cover any return postage. I also collect/drop off within Andover, Hampshire/Bermondsey, London. I keep items for 90 days minimum and will continue to share unless you contact me to let me know you'd like the item/s returned.

•Consignments must be booked in advance. 2 slots are available every month.

•Consignments are great for higher end items as you can choose a reserve price if you wish.

Please note: Luxury bags should still have their proof of purchase or serial number to receive the best sale prices.

•Minimum of 10 items, maximum of 30 items.

Donation Sign Up

Register below and I will email you a printable label. Should you wish to recive a pre-printed label and donation bag in the post, please say in the notes.

Thanks for your donation!

donation sign up
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